Our Purpose:

“At Bellavita Tile, profits are not our key driver. Our underlying purpose for everything we do and how we do it is our commitment to Designing a Better Way.”

Established in 2004, we are proud to be earning a strong reputation for innovative and reliable products . We are active members in the TTMAC, CTDA and NAFCD industry associations, and we fully embrace and endorse the standards they represent.

There is immense joy in unbridled creation. But why must creativity be the sole domain of the artist? Why can’t business be art? Why can’t innovation be striven for by all parts of a company?
Glory in a new manufacturing method? Why not? Inspiration from a new material. Absolutely. A new service idea from a customer call? Certainly.

Creativity, contrary to traditional business models cannot be contained or commoditized – nor should it be. By limiting creation to a box (or cubicle) and denying the creative spark that burns bright in everyone – countless great ideas are forever lost by companies with names you’ve probably already forgotten and employees who’ve already moved along.

But not here.

At Bellavita, everything we do – is about designing a better way.

Because a funny thing happens when you allow everyone to innovate all the time.
They do.

The essence of Bellavita then, isn’t just found in one-of-a-kind tiles on your wall, or locked away in a designer’s secret file. No, Bellavita is much more than that. Bellavita, like a good life – is found in the choices we make every day. After all, understanding art (like life) is as much a study of the artist’s choices as it is the end result.

To do less would ultimately mean to be less. So it is we strive to refine and improve every element of our business from products and services, to manufacture and distribution… Our name demands nothing less.