What We Do

Marketing and Production

Our main focus is to understand our customer’s needs so that we can design, produce and market suitable ceramic tile and glass products to meet these requirements. We mass produce these items at our factories in China and then ship from our inventory in China for FAST order turn-around. We also run production on specialty products on an order-by-order basis.

We offer complete tile and glass programs with the necessary trims and accessories, and we provide an assortment of marketing tools to help our customers promote our products. For our customers with special and specific product requirements, we can produce special colors and designs.

Quality Control

We employ a quality control team in China. Each production run is checked for a number of criteria, including shading, sizing and defects. We have pre-determined standards, and products that fall outside of these standards are not accepted. The loading of each container is monitored to ensure the correct product and quantities are loaded, all the packaging and pallets are excellent, and that everything is well strapped and loaded.

Importing and Shipping

We ship by container load from China direct to our wholesale and distributor customers. We work closely with our customer’s freight forwarder and broker to ensure they receive all the necessary documentation in good time. If requested, we can help with the entire importation and shipping process by arranging delivery to the warehouse door.